Lucas Serme-Conor D`Cruz - Squash camps & tournament in June

Bergen Squashsenter & Pro Squash Academy presenting: Lucas Serme & Conor D`Cruz - Squash camps & tournament 08-10 of June 2017! Lucas is french champion and world number 34!

Pro challenge/camp
Play Pro Lucas Serme one set and then be trained by him and Conor D'cruz - Duration 2h.
Learn how to move, get better balance, warm-up / prepare, make tactical decisions.

Can you beat the pro or getting any points? Every player entering the tournament gets to play Lucas one set. Duration 2 to 3 hours.

Individual lessons
Take a lesson with Lucas or Conor and get tips to take your game forward.

Do not be frightened, any level is welcome and can be benefit. We also adapt it to your ability and physical prowess!

Timetable & prices
Thursday 08.06.17: Pro challenge, camps and individual lessons
Friday 09.06.17: Tournament and individual lessons
Saturday 10.06.17: Tournament and individual lessons

Pro challenge/2 hours camps 750 NOK
Individual lessons 800 NOK for 40 min.
Tournament 700 NOK
All players who sign up for challenge/camps and tournament will get to PLAY 1 set with Lucas Serme! :)

For more info contact us or Sign up at Bergen Squashsenter - limited places!

Squash: Golan v Serme - Canary Wharf Classic 2017 QF Highlights

Squash: ElShorbagy v Serme - Canary Wharf Classic 2017 Rd 1 Highlights

More info about Lucas Serme:

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Bergen Squashsenter
Sandslihaugen 10
5254 Sandsli NO 995842432 MVA
Tlf: 55 12 34 54 *

Man - Tor:08:00 til 22:00
Fredag:08:00 til 22:00
Lørdag:08:00 til 18:00
Søndag:08:00 til 22:00

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* Telefonen er betjent man-tor 16:00-21:00.
** Man-fre før 16:00 + helg er senteret ubetjent. Ikke medlemmer må da Vippse betalingen på stedet.

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